Workshops & Training Offerings

Susan leads the following workshops and trainings. Applying her training in yoga, Pilates, and the Franklin Method®, Susan designs programs to explore the embodiment of function leading to a higher sense of well-being and improvement in overall health.

Susan Holewinski teaching a Pilates workshops to a groups of clients


Deep, full breathing leads to better digestion, improved circulation, stronger immune function, and more energy in all areas of our lives.

Do you know what good breathing is? Do you know the diaphragm contracts with a deep inhalation? What is the design of our breathing apparatus? This workshop uses the power of imagery, touch, voice and movement exercises to understand the mechanics and physiology of breathing.

  • Explore the design, structure and movements of the diaphragm, ribs, lungs and abdominal muscles.
  • Experience the three-dimensional patterns of breathing.
  • Discover how breathing works, and what it means to breathe fully.
  • Improve your endurance and flexibility.
Pelvic Power workshop for Pilates and movement professionals


Do you know where your hip joint is? Have you ever wondered what the sacrum was, or what it does? Do you know that you exercise your pelvic floor every time you stand up and sit down?

This workshop focuses on the practical application of imagery techniques to increase the power, alignment and flexibility of the pelvic joints and muscles.

  • Experience the effortless alignment and balance for the whole body by understanding the bones and joints of the pelvis.
  • Discover and apply the dynamic alignment of the sacrum.
  • Explore the muscles of the pelvic floor, and how they affect the movement of the pelvis.
  • Learn ball and imagery exercises to train and balance the pelvic joints and muscles.

Strong + Healthy Knees

Did you know that the knee is the largest joint in the body? Have you ever had sore and achy knees?

This workshop focuses on imagery and movement to create optimal health for your knees.

  • Learn to visualize efficient knee function based on the design of the knee.
  • Experience how the function of the knee relates to your hips and feet.
  • Explore the movement of your menisci and ligaments of the knee.
  • Discover imagery that will make walking and running more efficient and pleasurable.

Healthy Spine

Do you know how many vertebrae or joints are in the spine? Have you ever wondered why we have a spine, or why it is shaped the way it is?

This workshop will explain the design and function of the spine using imagery and simple movement. Come discover a natural way to bring fluidity and life into your spine.

  • Discover the movement of the atlas and axis of the spine.
  • Explore how the ligaments and discs interact to strengthen the spine.
  • Understand cues in Pilates and yoga to support optimal spinal function.
  • Learn Franklin® ball exercises for soft tissue release and to create room for new spinal embodiment.

Happy Feet: Organizing A Dynamic Base

Our feet carry us throughout our life, yet most of us are unaware of the amazing design that makes this possible.

This workshop focuses on the function of the foot in an experiential way, showing us how to improve the agility of our feet for walking, running, jumping and dancing.

  • Explore the functional anatomy of the foot.
  • Discover imagery exercises for creating strong, flexible and agile feet.
  • Learn imagery and self-touch exercises to improve the efficiency of the bones, tendons, muscles and joints for walking and movement.
  • Practice Franklin® ball and band exercises to strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle.

Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders

Would you like to experience a method that teaches you how to melt away the tension in your neck and shoulders?

This workshop focuses on the power of imagery, touch and movement to lengthen and balance the neck and shoulder girdle.

  • Learn the experiential anatomy of the shoulder girdle.
  • Benefit from an increased awareness of how the shoulder functions.
  • Discover how to have suspended, free and easy shoulders.
  • Learn Franklin® ball and band exercises to create smooth joint movement of the shoulders.
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