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Indy Pilates Plus, LLC, is a quiet, intimate studio where the focus is on you – your goals and your needs.   Each lesson is designed for you, so you leave the session with the confidence and poise needed to accomplish any physical task you desire – from hiking Machu Picchu, preparing or recovering from surgery, playing with the grandchildren to looking your best at a family event.  

From elite athletes to clients recovering from an injury or surgery, Susan uses her over 30 years of experience in the field of movement to help you achieve your fitness goals so you can live life to its fullest and have the stamina to accomplish “daily tasks with spontaneous zeal and pleasure”.

Susan Holewinski teaching a private client in her Indianapolis Pilates studio

Renew your Life with Pilates

Improve posture so you look younger and move with grace, poise, and confidence.

Increase flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination so there is suppleness with your movement.

Experience better health and wellness through enhanced breathing, circulation, digestion, and the immune system.

Build up endurance and increase energy so that your daily life is filled with joy

Pilates Offerings

 Using her listening and observation skills, Susan will create a program to meet your goals.

Pilates Sessions

Private and duet sessions with each lesson created for you based on your needs and goals.

Online Classes

Online (Zoom) lessons in the comfort of your home with your own equipment.

Movement Workshops

Pilates and Franklin Method workshops that educate Pilates teachers and movement enthusiasts. 

Welcome to the Studio

Indy Pilates Plus is a quiet, intimate studio that serves clients of all ages and abilities and helps each client discover his/her hidden movement potential. Serving the Indianapolis health and fitness community since 1992, Susan has years of teaching and coaching experience.   A running injury led her to discover Pilates and its healing powers, and she was so amazed by the changes in her body that she started Pilates training and was certified within a year.  

After 20+ years she continues to study the method with top movement teachers around the world.  Indy Pilates Plus was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing the highest quality of Pilates instruction to students in Indianapolis.  She believes movement is the fountain of youth and encourages her students to keep their minds and bodies active so they can enjoy life to its fullest.

“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.”

~Joseph Pilates


Early this year I learned I had an autoimmune imbalance which would require me to take prednisone.  I quickly saw my body changing, and my energy level decreasing.  I knew that it was very important that I maintain and maybe increase my level of physical activity.  I sought out Susan at Indy Pilates Plus and for the past four months I have been seeing her twice a week.  I could not be more pleased with my experiences.  Susan is a great teacher, supportive and always seems to know what I need.  I’ve worked with other teachers over the past four years, and no one has been as focused on me as she has been.  One of the attributes I appreciate about her most is her passion for her work and commitment to her own learning and continuing education.  I believe the best teachers are the “lifelong learners''.  If you are looking for a Pilates expert, safe environment, and personalized attention, this is the studio for you.


After a desk job of forty years, I became interested in Pilates as a way to strengthen my core muscles and improve balance. I worried about injuring myself if done incorrectly so I put off taking group classes. After meeting Susan, I began one on one instruction with her. At first the exercises seemed confusing and were unlike anything I had done before. Over time I started to understand the goals and the exercises made more sense. I’ve worked with her for over two years now and have seen improvement in my core strength, overall balance and feel more limber than I’ve felt in years. I would highly recommend this for anyone regardless of age, gender or body type. Susan is a great instructor and knows how to get results.

Mary Ellen

At Indy Pilates Plus, Pilates is taught with longevity in mind.  Everyone desires quick results, but Susan is mindful of how your body needs to move over a lifetime and guides you through a session with that in mind.  I always leave a session with a sense of empowerment that I have a strong body that is built to last if I care for it properly.


Pilates is body, but Susan is spirit.


In the three years since meeting Susan, my body continues to undergo a slow and steady transformation under her guidance. My Pilates practice with her started with baby steps due to chronic hip/spine issues; she is sensitive and wise to what my body could and could not do each session.  She adapts to the needs of each day, finding new ways to challenge her pupil, keeping it fresh while always building to the next level of confidence and success.  She has my trust and gratitude for sharing her Pilates wisdom to make me a stronger, more flexible self.  Pilates is body; Susan is spirit.


I look forward to my weekly Pilates lesson. Stretching, bending, twisting, balancing, correct breathing, and good posture have pushed back Father Time. As my friends get more stooped and incapacitated, I believe Pilates has made the big difference for me. I have no physical issues and remain active and capable.


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