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During this call, we will discuss your personal goals. I will answer any questions that you may have about working with me.


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Wear comfortable non-restrictive, but fitted clothing that can stretch with you as you move and won’t get caught in the equipment. Please wear non-skid socks for your session. If you have long hair, have something to tie it up.

I  will be guiding you through the exercises giving you verbal cues and sometimes tactile cues to help you achieve proper alignment and muscular engagement. Be prepared to breathe, move, learn about your body, and have fun!

Your body will benefit from Pilates, whether you practice once a week or three times a week. I suggest 2-3 times a week for the maximum benefit.

Pilates is a wonderful compliment to other forms of exercise. It will help correct imbalances from repetitive movements that may occur in your daily life or from other sports. It will improve your self awareness of proper alignment and form, lessening your chances of injury. Through Pilates, your range of motion and flexibility will improve. 

Anyone who wants to tone up, improve posture, better balance, and gain overall strength — it is also safe for people with osteoporosis and arthritis.

No, it is not Pilates, however some of the exercises in the system are from the pilates repertoire. The Buff Bones creator pulled from pilates, functional movement, somatics, and therapeutic exercise.

No, Pilates is progressive and is for everybody whether you are new to working out and moving your body, are a weekend warrior, or a professional level athlete. We will meet you where your body is when we arrive at the studio and choose the apparatus that will best suit your needs that day.ipit.